Softdate/z for z/OS

Softdate/z was designed from the ground up to be the most powerful, flexible and user friendly date and time simulation testing and production tool in the z/OS marketplace. Softdate/z is the only product that is designed for modern multi-platform enterprise applications and is the only product under a constant program of active enhancement in the progressive DevOPs-friendly world.


Softdate/z features include:

  • support for apps written in Cobol, PL/I, C/C++, Assembler, SAP ABAP, SoftwareAG Natural, ...
  • unique support for SOA application environments:
    • Java apps
    • apps run under WebSphere Application Services (WAS)
    • apps run under Unix System Services (USS, or OMVS)
    • DB2 stored procedures, including nested and triggered procedures
    • CICS MRO and CICSplex
    • IMSplex
    • minimally invasive advanced Dynamic Intercepts technology
  • unique support for virtual dates beyond year 2042
  • DB2 for z/OS users running on other platforms can share the same DB2 subsystem but each run with different virtual clocks
  • the most granular controls for specifying which workloads require Softdate
  • the most powerful and granular security controls

Advanced technology

Thanks to its exclusive Dynamic Intercepts technology, Softdate/z is the only product that:

  • does not require permanent modifications to key system routines
  • does not impose a heavy background CPU load on all other work running in the same z/OS image

Other products require you to make permanently modified copies of certain key system routines, which introduces serious operational and system stability concerns. They also add significant CPU overhead to every workload running on your system, whether or not you are currently actually using the product to test your applications. This is a substantial hidden extra cost.

In contrast, Softdate only affects jobs that have actually requested date and time simulation services, and it only dynamically inserts its “hooks” into those running jobs.

User interface

Softdate/z features a simple yet powerful user interface. Softdate/z can be turned on at the job or job step level via JCL in the job or job step or via a very comprehensive ISPF-based rules facility. The rules facility is the most powerful and granular available, with full wild-card specification supported for all job selection criteria.

All ISPF rules functions can also be executed from batch jobs. The virtual clock settings in running jobs can be dynamically altered via operator commands or batch jobs. Full security controls are available for all functions.

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