XDM The Cross Data Mover

The relational database technology has established itself company-wide. Huge, permanently growing data amounts are managed with Oracle, SQL-Server, DB2 and other relational databases. There are many reasons why it is necessary to transfer the data stock on a regular basis. Development, Quality Assurance, data warehouse and other areas require perfect data. As a result database administrators must spend a lot of time on the preparation and execution of data transfer and data provisioning. XDM simplifies, automates and accelerates the preparation and execution of data transfers in all areas of the datacenter resulting in easy to use relational data subsets.

Test Data Provisioning

  • XDM automates and simplifies the collection, provisioning and re-establishment of data for test cases from business cases or business objects. It is the perfect tool for developers and function tests as it provides subsets of production-data for testing prior to production. .
  • XDM automates the provisioning and the adaption of mass data for acceptance tests, regression tests and integration tests. These features are ideal for the test- and quality assurance departments.
  • XDM automates and accelerates the supply and the refresh of a consistent pre-production. A pre-production as a clone of the production, decouples the production from the test- and development environments.
  • Combined with Softdate, the DevOps development/testing/production cycle is continuous with live and extracted production data.

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