Softdate/z for z/OS version 4.5

Softdate/z version 4.5 is in full release with multiple new enhancements and features as it moves towards demand of DevOps by our clients and prospects.

The new features include:

  • Java support in multiple concurrent Softdate/z systems. Softdate/z was already unique in being able to run multiple copies in the same z/OS image to allow easy migration to new releases.  However, Java (and TIME PC) support could only be active in one of these systems.  Now, with v4.5, Java and TIME PC support can be turned on in multiple concurrently running Softdate/z systems.
  • SETS enhancements for distributed DB2.  The exclusive SETS (Softdate Enterprise Time Synchronization) cross-platform feature was already available in v4.4.  Now, in v4.5, SETS can automatically synchronize virtual clocks for distributed DB2 users across z/OS, Windows and Linux/Unix to enable seamless cross-platform enterprise app testing.
  • Beyond-2042 support and more

Softdate/z Beyond-2042

The Softdate/z Beyond-2042 option is in full release with Softdate/z Version 4.5.

Many applications must deal with business events that will occur more than 25 years into the future.  Some examples are life insurance policies, long-dated investments, pension funds, 30-, 50-, 100 long-term loans and so on.

It is a limitation of current IBM zSeries hardware and software that the system clock cannot return a date beyond 7 September 2042.  However, to allow testing of the logic in your applications that must handle events beyond this date, it is important that your Date and Time Simulation (DTS) processes can manage simulated dates greater than 2042 and return them to your applications. For example, many people who were born in 1978 (aged 37 in 2015) could in today’s theory retire after 2042 (65 years old) with a superannuation policy that ends beyond 2042 but no one knows if any of the business app logic is correct; a high risk problem where date and time simulation testing is the simple key solution.

Read more. Download our Beyond-2042 Date and Time testing brochure >>

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