DDV technologies functions in the enterprise on highly complex IBM Mainframes, distributed systems and complete Internet and Crisis Management solutions. This provides us a unique position of knowing what ticks in the system at the relational database backend and what counts in responding to both anticipated and unanticipated crises. We enable you to derive positive contributions to your bottom line whilst protecting your business, assets and your people. Deployment of our products is easy and we have customer references that use our products on heavyweight mainframes, Microsoft servers, a wide variety of Linux and Unix systems and parallel virtual crisis management at a global level.

Our consultancy capabilities are comprehensive and DDV staff work on a regular basis with large organizations (e.g. banking, governments, insurances, manufacturing, resources, transport) and dynamic medium-size companies. Consulting services are provided in a virtual and physically on-the-ground manner.

DDV and its partners provide very serious solutions in managing and improving Service Level Agreements and take on tasks with medium to large organizations that have a blend of outsourced and insourced IT and Risk Management.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is real management where you associate your business strategy with potential risks and then focus on your primary risks, be it unwelcome intrusion by human behaviour, natural catastrophes or overrun IT projects which are costing you time and money. DDV’s range of DevOps-friendly products and services assist your efforts in architecture and service level agreements; Accuracy, Availability, Innovation, Integrity, Performance, Scalability, Security, Sustainability, Robustness, Recovery and Go-to-market with Strategic Transformation.


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